Baby Car Mirrors

Baby Car Mirrors

Shop baby car seat mirrors for on-the-road peace of mind....

Shop baby car seat mirrors for on-the-road peace of mind. At Nuby, we carry a variety of car seat mirrors to help you drive safely while keeping an eye on your child.

Our remote control LED-lit mirrors are highly popular among parents who often drive at night. We also carry standard adjustable backseat mirrors that install in seconds.

For the budget conscious, try our shatterproof rear facing backseat baby mirror.

Regardless of features, a good baby mirror can make your next car trip a better one.

Should you use a car mirror for a baby?

We recommend it! Many parents love the assurance and peace of mind provided by backseat car mirrors.

As a parent, you’ll be using child car seats in a rear-facing position for the first few years. Naturally, this makes it difficult to keep an eye on your young one while driving. That’s where a baby mirror for cars comes in.

How does a baby car seat mirror work?

Car seat mirrors attach to the headrest in your vehicle’s backseat. This makes it effortless to check in on your infant or toddler with minimal distraction as you drive.

With proper installation, parents can keep tabs on their infant or toddler with a glance at their own rearview mirror.

For safety, securely fasten the mirror to the headrest. This prevents it from becoming a projectile in case of sudden stops. When installing, position it in a way that doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view of the road.

This setup allows parents to easily check on their baby while driving, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

How do you install a baby car mirror?

Most car mirrors and car seat mirrors are simple to install. In many cases, installation should only take a few seconds.

Nuby car seat mirrors include easy-to-use straps that wrap around the headrest. These straps clip together while the mirror itself swivels. This lets parents set the perfect viewing angle for keeping an eye on their little one.

When angling your baby car mirror, position it so you can comfortably and quickly see your child with a glance in your rearview mirror.

Install the mirror securely, this way it doesn’t shift around on its own or come loose if you need to stop suddenly.

What to look for in a baby car mirror?

The best car seat mirrors typically provide a wide view and allow for adjustments to see your child's reflection in the mirror. This enables you to keep an eye on your baby without turning your head.

With the best baby car seat mirrors, you get easy installation, great visibility, and dependable build quality.

All Nuby baby car mirrors are shatter-resistant, quick to install, and designed to work with most headrests. Try it out for yourself and see how life-changing a good baby mirror can be.